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  It was one of the toughest hiking I have ever had because of bunch of camera equipment and essentials of course. In the end, it was worth it. 

Guatemala,Acatenango Volcano2019

4000 meter.

  Home of the biggest waves in the world. the highest wave record is 100ft(around 30 meters). The big wave season is between November-February. It was in summer when I was there and I couldn't find any chance go back again because of covid. Hopefully this year I will find the chance for photo shooting with these monsters.

IMG_0577 2.JPG

Nazare, Portugal 2020.


A small fisher village in Northern Spain 

La playa de as Catedrais, Spain 2020


Thun Lake,Switzerland 2020

IMG_0381 2.jpg

The view of Jung Frau, the top of the Alps.

Swiss Alps ,Switzerland 2020

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