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Nazare, Portugal, 2021-Drone video

Nazare, Portugal

 Nazare was an ordinary fisherman city till Garrith McNamara received an email with some attachments of big wave photos. He jumped  on to the plane and went there to see them with his own eyes.  Of course I won't tell you the whole story but in the end the town became one of the most spiritual places in the world. Why?  Because the surfing community and people all around the world found the opportunity to see the biggest waves on earth. Mr. McNamara discovered the biggest waves but the question was if the waves were surfable. According to Mr. McNamara, yes they were.

I was there in this town in 2020 summer  but the the ocean was flat. Because the season of the big waves is between October - February. Then I found a chance to go back to this spiritual town in 2021 again. This time I checked the forecast before i went.

Here some photos with their brief stories:


" Jet-ski incident, Andrew Cotton and Alemão de Maresi. They stuck in the waves and got their jet-ski flipped over. Luckily they both made it without any injury."

"Alemão de Maresi is getting rescued"


"Lucas Fink with his skimboard and Lukas Chumbo is keeping his eyes on him on the Jet-ski"

"Paulo Moura"


"Being a witness of history; Lucas Fink is breaking record of surfing the biggest wave ever with a skimboard. The wave you see in the photo was 20 meters."

"Andrew Cotton, the star of 100 foot wave show in HBO and one of my favourite surfers. He also did a lot for Nazare being famous."


"Paulo Moura"

"Lucas Fink"


"Lucas Fink"


"Andrew Cotton"

"Lucas Fink"


"Nazare is not all about surfing. Praia do Norte where the main beach of big waves supply you a really good view  of wild nature.

"There were 30 thousand  people watching the contest"


Big wave and surf photographer in surfing contests and events 

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